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The era of the Internet, the reform and innovation of the medical industry

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With the development of social economy in our country, people's living standards are continuously improving, and the health-related medical cause is rapidly developing. The close proximity of the medical industry to the people’s livelihood concerns the long-term stability of a country and has always been highly valued by governments of all countries. China has continuously promoted the reform of the medical and health system and promoted the medical industry to gradually move toward standardization, standardization, and marketization.
China is a populous country. The contradiction between limited medical resources and huge medical needs has become increasingly prominent. Problems such as imbalanced medical resources in the region, low efficiency of medical services, and strained relationship between doctors and patients have always hindered the healthy development of the medical industry and are unable to meet People's growing health care needs, therefore, the reform and innovation of the industry is imminent.
In recent years, with the promulgation of the national "Internet Plus" policy, various industries and industries have responded positively, and the medical industry has also been affected by far-reaching influence from the emerging Internet. The medical information inquiry, online disease consultation, and teleconsultation using the Internet as the carrier and technical means Various forms of medical services, such as teletherapy, have become a new trend in the development of the industry. The Ministry of Health actively guides and supports the development model of “Internet+Medical”, allowing regular medical services and senior doctors to become the mainstay of Internet medical care, thereby improving service efficiency and benefiting more patients.
With the help of the Internet's advanced resources and technologies, the “Internet Medical” platform effectively integrates medical service resources, adheres to the patient-centered approach, and gathers information on medical information query, disease risk assessment, online disease consultation, remote consultation, and medical news, providing convenient and efficient information. Diversified medical services. "Internet health care" helps solve the contradiction between the imbalance of medical resources and people's increasing medical needs, so that high-quality medical resources can be brought closer to patients and benefit more people.
The Internet has changed the way people live and work. The development model of “Internet+Medical” is an inevitable choice for industry reform and innovation. It will gradually change the traditional medical treatment process and become a new direction and trend of the industry development.

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