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Inspirational song singing competition

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On March 28, 2019, in order to enrich the cultural life of employees, the company culture atmosphere was invigorated and exchanges between employees of various departments were promoted. Further promote the construction of corporate culture, and under the organization of the National Development and Reform Commission, the first "inspirational" singing competition was held in the company lobby. After the wonderful opening, the contestants performed their best and showed their best songs. Everyone was singing and passionate. Their beautiful and beautiful songs won the audience’s shouts and applause. The whole audience was driven by the host, the audience was enthusiastic, and the atmosphere at the scene was constantly pushed to the climax. The competition lasted for nearly two hours. After many competitions, the parties worked hard. After the judges scored in a serious, fair and objective manner, three players scored proud results. In the end, Mr. Zeng’s general manager gave a speech and under his leadership, all the staff gathered hand in hand and sang the “Friends” that everyone knows. From the eyes of everyone, they felt passion, excitement and unity. With the end of the song, the singing contest was a successful and successful fall of the harvest!
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